Friday, July 29, 2011

InstaFriday: Busy Bees

If you blog & haven't participated in InstaFriday yet, you should. It's a fun (and easy) post. Personally, I love reading other people's InstaFriday posts. It's just fun to see what everyone else has been up to! So, go visit Jeannett from Life Rearranged and link up for InstaFriday.

This week was a busy one around here. We were crafty and also did some relaxing!

This happened! I've been dying lately to paint over "the" red wall. I finally talked Matt into it. I'll have an "after" picture up sometime in the next few weeks when we're done with the room.

The little fish.

LOTS of Lily Pants will be in the shop this weekend!

A thrifty find for a friend! (Since I already have this milk glass vase) I might be slightly obsessed with the stuff!

I painted my toe nails a pretty color of turquoise (AND it was only $1.99) and relaxed in the pool.
{please ignore the fact that my left foot looks shorter than my right. it's not. promise}

That's it! What did you do this week?
life rearranged


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This summer (and really from now on), I'm trying my best to drink tons of water. Luckily for me, I'm not a big soda fan and we don't ever have soda in the house.. so I didn't have to cut anything out. But, I needed to remember to drink MORE. I get so so bored though of plain old water, especially when we're swimming or out somewhere. For some reason, I end up wanted to actually *taste* something.

A few weeks back I bought myself a pretty new cup and starting racking my brain for ways to make my water yummier. This is what I came up with...

1. Fill my cup all the way with ice & then water.
2. Slice some limes and throw 'em in the top of the glass.
3. Squeeze on a little bit of Agave nectar and stir.

Delicious and refreshing. I love it. What do you like to drink when it's super hot outside?


What I love Wednesday: Party Planning.. Ooh La La

Party planning is something that I love love love to do. While it's stressful and time consuming, it makes me happy and I really enjoy putting as much effort into it as I can. Brookelyn's birthday party isn't until the middle of September, but I'm in full party planning mode. She's chosen a "Paris" theme and is obsessed with all things Paris! Thanks so much to Pinterest, again for helping me out. Here's some of my inspiration..

* I LOVE the idea of a runner made with vintage hankies.
Simple but sweet and it can be used a bunch in the future.

* The fun colors are so inspiring to me. But, still super sweet, soft and girly!

* What little girl wouldn't adore that tutu cupcake stand?

* Love the look of the "market" and think it'd be perfect for the food table.

* This Eiffel Tower print is beautiful. I'm really hoping to find it!

* Macarons and pink are a must!

* Pink punch is perfect. The colors will tie in wonderfully.

* Scrolly mirror, Eiffel Tower, fluffy pink decorations? YES, please!

Crepes will be served, there will possibly be a photo booth and even a French lesson via a real French teacher! I've got so much to do to get things ready and I can't wait. My 1st priority right now is the invitations.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What would you do with...

Again, this week I'm late with this post. We've finally began painting the "red" wall. I shouldn't say "we", because really, I haven't painted at all. Matt has though. Tonight he put a 3rd coat of primer on the red and it's now ready for the color! 

Here's what I have this week though....

This is a piece that actually goes with the set below (from this post), but we didn't plan on using it in the house so we never stained it dark like the other pieces.

We'll be painting the big shelving units an off white and I'll antique them a little and add some molding to them as well. I'd like to leave the smaller piece in our dining room (which is attached to our living room & our dining room table is oak), but I don't HAVE to leave it there. It needs SOMETHING done to it though. I've been trying to decide on one of two things:
1. Paint it just like the larger shelving units and use it in the living room. (Maybe near the entry way.)
2. Paint it differently, take the doors off, paint the inside and use it as a shelving unit in the dining room still. 

Help! This piece is sooo ugly, but is in absolutely perfect condition. What would you do with it?


Friday, July 22, 2011

InstaFriday: Fun Week.

InstaFriday with Jeannett from Life Rearranged, as usual! Such a fun thing!
Where did this week go? I feel like it was JUST Monday! We've had a fun week though.
A bit of relaxing and some fun adventures too.

Friday night we hung out at my mom & step-dads house for dinner and swimming. Once it got a little dark, my mom grabbed some peeps out of her freezer and we roasted them over the fire. The kids loved that!
{olyvia & brookelyn}

Saturday night I had to brave "Carmageddon". What is "carmageddon"? Last weekend the 405 fwy in Southern California was completely closed for a 10 mile stretch, the stretch that connects "the valley" to LA. This was MAJOR! It was all over the news, signs here, even shirts for sale! Craziness. I had to drive to LAX to pick up my sister, so I had to take side streets to LAX. It wasn't nearly as bad as everyone expected it to be. I enjoyed myself, driving & shopping all day. In the evening I waited for the "I'm here" text from Caryn, at a park and watched the planes landing.

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated my dads birthday! He received a new ice cream maker for his birthday (his old one was older than ME!) and wanted to use it.. so we had yummy home made chocolate ice cream!

We LOVE going up to Wrightwood for the day. Especially in the summer, to escape the heat.
Brookelyn asked me to take a picture of her on the way... she's so pretty. Love.

And this was what it looked like driving into Wrightwood.. gorgeous. It was such a nice day and the kids & I had a great time! Have I ever mentioned how much I miss living there?

We met my Dad and my Grandma Gladys in Wrightwood for some lunch and ice cream.

I just finished this bag tonight for my dear friend Dana to take to BlogHer next month!
What do ya think? Considering adding them to my Etsy shop. We shall see!

We don't have anything planned this weekend. I'm sure we'll hang out and relax and maybe get together with friends. What are you doing this weekend?
Hope you've had a wonderful week!! xoxo
life rearranged


Thursday, July 21, 2011


So often on pinterest I find these amazing ideas that I've GOT to try! 
Today, I decided to share them with all of you. 

A soap box turned card holder! Genius, right? We've got so many sets of cards hanging out in small ziploc bags. This is such a great idea. I'm thinking you could even glue/tape the directions for the game onto either the inside or outside of the box!

Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss. This book is one of my favorites and has served as a gift, many times. The idea is to have your child's teacher (every year throughout their school career) sign the inside of the book and give it to your child as a graduation gift from high school! I LOVE this and am definitely hunting down Brookelyn's  teachers from the past couple of years to have them sign a copy!

Seriously? How awesome is this? I NEED this! There are some spots in my house where my cell reception is horrible. With this, I could put my phone where it gets reception & take advantage of the long cord. Who doesn't love that pink?

Now, I don't have a pretty laundry room. Just the 'ol garage. But, I definitely will be putting up a line for missing socks like this! Great idea.

Shower cap to hold shoes when you're packing. So smart. I'm always trying to find extra bags to throw our shoes in. Now, I've found a reason to actually take the shower caps from hotel rooms. 
Shower cap used to protect shoes

If you've got more great ideas.. I'd LOVE to know. I'm all about finding new ways to organize and stream line! 
Hope you're all having a Happy Thursday! XOXO


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I love Wednesday: Johnna @ Mama Matryoshka

What I love Wednesday... I love Johnna!

Domesticated Delight

I met Johnna a few months ago through Twitter and quickly grew to love her. She is so super sweet, beautiful, funny and seriously talented! Johnna has GREAT taste too.. in all things. Mama Matryoshka is the name of her Etsy shop and in it you'll find every paper craft you'll need for a party! Check it out!

Set of 12 farm animal cupcake toppers Modern baby boy card - Baby shower, It's a boy, or birthday
1950's/retro/cherry party package Woodland/Owl favor bag toppers - Set of 12

You can't see it very well in this picture, but Johnna made this card for Cohen for his birthday. The bunting flags inside are adorable. There's an airplane on the front, it all matched the party theme perfectly.

My sweet friend Tammie from Tammie Halcomb Photography, recently celebrated her triplets' 6th birthday with Mama Matryoshka goodies! Once again, Johnna did a beautiful job and all of the kids loved everything.

The woodland theme was so much fun.

How much fun would these be? I'm so in love with them & should probably order some, soon!
Set of 6 punk princess photobooth/photo prop set

Tammie is an awesome photographer and even uses Johnna's items for props! Fun! Right?

So, if you're planning a party of any kind definitely hop on over to Mama Matryoshka and convo Johnna for a custom order to go right along with your party theme! She's also got all sorts of cute cards, gift tags, etc!

She's kinda easy to find too... ;)
Twitter: Johnna_Mama