Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday again.

something that i love about being a bit crafty, is making gifts for friends. 

friday night we had a blast celebrating teri & mondo's 11th anniversary, 1990's style! 
they both looked adorable in their ridiculous 90's inspired styles and we all had a good time.

saturday while out shopping, we saw this gorgeous tree. the leaves were all the loveliest shade of orange. i could not resist stopping to take a picture.

hoop ORNAMENTS! more are coming. love this personalized "alabama" one though.

weird right? that's been happening all the time. it seems that anytime i go to do something on my phone, the time is some combo of same numbers. and, my husband apparently enjoys torturing me.

you voted, right? i sure hope so! cohen came with me & was so excited for the whole process.

want to help? there could be a special (personalized) christmas ornament in it for you.

ended our week with a little bit of silliness from brookelyn. 
tomorrow is picture day finally and she wanted curls!

how was your week? i hope it was great! 
did you link up for the 4 Gifts series? Such great gift ideas from so many ladies!
happy weekend, friends!
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  1. love the little hoop ornament! What a cute idea!


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