Thursday, June 20, 2013

master bath makeover: inspiration

 photo bathroomideas-1.jpg
we are so ready for a master bathroom makeover! our space needs to be made more functional. since moving into our rental home here in wisconsin six months ago, we've all been going a bit crazy about the bathroom. and yes, bathroom. singular. never since having kids have we had to live with only one bathroom. and man, it's tough. i can't imagine if our kids were older and actually needed to be in the bathroom longer than a couple of minutes. but, for now we're a one bathroom household. we'll buy something a year or so from now. so i'm going to try my best this month to turn our tiny bathroom into a more functional space. in our bathroom now we have a tiny cabinet with a tiny mirror. not much space for anything and we have NO shelves or storage space in our bathroom. none and that is tough.

right now the bathroom is painted a very deep red, but this weekend we're putting on a few fresh new coats (and primer) and it'll be a soft white when we're finished. my hope is that getting rid of the red and replacing it with a white, will really open the small room up as well as brighten it up.
 photo westelm.jpg
this shower curtain from west elm is at the top of my list. bringing something bright and bold into the room will hopefully create an illusion of more space. 

 photo handtowels.jpg
again with the bold (from west elm also)! stripes happen to be one of my favorites as well. matt like stripes, they're not girly and they're classic as opposed to trendy.

 photo hookanthro.jpg
because we're lacking shelving or any storage, we could definitely use some hooks on the wall. something, anything to hold things and keep from having to set stuff on the floor. these hooks from anthropologie are perfect and i love the style. 

 photo plantholder.jpg
recently i came across a local artist here in milwaukee, Janelle Gramling and fell immediately in love with her porcelain plant holders. they're beautiful and all hand crafted by Janelle herself. hopefully i'll get my hands on one of her planters and can hang it from the sweet little hook from anthro.
 photo wirecrates-1.jpg
wire crates. be still my heart. if you've read my blog for any time now, you probably know that i have a strong love for crates like this. and these? with the numbers and rope handles? i NEED them. seriously, i could use them wherever they'd fit in my bathroom & stack them, full of towels and other bathroom necessities. they'd be perfect. 

 photo moenshowerhead.jpg
we have a lovely rain shower showerhead in our bathroom shower. but, as nice as it feels when i actually have time to just stand and relax in the shower (which is basically never, because i have kids, duh) i really, really miss having a handheld showerhead. i never realized how much we used ours (especially for cohen) until we had to go without. this one from moen is perfect!

 photo bathroomtowerstorage.jpg
building something like this storage tower from is one of our other options, aside from the crates. both won't fit in the bathroom. and this wouldn't even fit, unless we scaled it way down, which is possible. so we've got some choices to make. i really like this, i even like the pop of color to go in our mostly white & grey bathroom. so, we'll see. 

hopefully by the end of june or mid july i'll have the bathroom completed and lots of fun new pictures to show you. the before and after should be drastic. i'm hoping anyway! one thing is for sure, i'm glad that there's not a lots hard work that will go into this project. mostly, just picking the right pieces and colors.

what do you do to make a smaller room appear larger? 

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  1. I know all about loving with one bathroom. FYI- none of your photos are showing up :(

  2. That shower curtain is AWESOME!


  3. I loooove that shelf! & yes, a brighter color will definitely open up a small space - our living room had one dark red wall before we moved in, now its a bright shade of aloe - the room looks so much bigger!

  4. cute shelf! can't wait to see it all pulled together!


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