let’s get honest: 5 things about me

i’ll be the first to admit that lately i’ve been feeling a little down about myself. and, i’m not writing this post for a pity party. i’m writing because here on the blog i like to try hard to be open and honest. my hope is that by sharing a few of the things that have got me down lately, i’ll be inspired, motivated and feel like i’m being held accountable (you know, since it’ll all be out there) to change. some changes have already began and some WILL this week!

Let's be honest: 5 things about me www.vintagesunshine.com #anxiety #family #kids #winter #workout

1 – my lack of working out. november was so busy and then the snow & cold hit, we passed around a few colds and then december came with all of its craziness. with all of that, my workout routine went right out the window. i wanted to workout and knew that if i did i’d feel better, i just couldn’t get myself to move though, very rarely anyway. today, i worked out! and, tomorrow i promise to do the same!

2 – my hair. since moving to wisconsin my hair has been a big ol’ hot mess. except, not hot at all. with the huge climate change, a way too short haircut soon after moving, lots of hoods & hats and scarves all winter, and then me being terrified of another cut i accumulated a good 8 inches of dried out, frizzy hair and really wasn’t sure what to do. if you have curly hair, then you know what i’m talking about!
      you see, when you’re heavy short hair doesn’t always look good (on me anyway). sometimes i think that i felt like my long hair was covering something up, something that i wanted to keep hidden. until two weeks ago when i couldn’t take it anymore. a hair cut has always been one of my favorite things. a new look, new style, there is just something about freshly cut hair. and, i’m so happy with the new do!

3 – taking things personally. yes, i know, you’ve heard this a million times. there aren’t enough fingers and toes to count how many times i take things way too personally. but, then i often wonder.. am i really taking things too personally, or are people really being big jerks? could they be more sensitive? especially when it’s someone who knows me well and knows that i take things that way. but, i don’t want people to walk on eggshells around me. i want honesty and to hear the truth. maybe just in a gentle way? maybe i need to get some thicker skin? or just not put so much of my heart out there?

4 – patience. oh man is this a big one. winters here in wisconsin are cold, man! and with the cold comes lots more time hanging out indoors with the kids. and that equates to fighting, whiny, grumpy kids. you can just imagine what that leaves me feeling like. haha. like i’ve got NO patience, none, zilch, nada! counting to 10 under my breath, looking the other way until i can compose myself and trying to yell less, these are the ways i plan to battle my lack of patience this winter. hopefully they’ll work. this next one should help with my patience too.

5 – getting outside, despite the cold! this is such a big one for not only me, but my whole family. last winter was especially hard to remember that even though it’s cold out, there is a ton of stuff to do, all kinds of activities. and, let’s be honest.. it was our first winter here and we were COLD. living in california all of our lives we’d become accustomed to the fact that when it’s real cold out, you stay in and cozy up with a blanket, a fire and some hot cocoa because you’ve got to take advantage of those “real” cold days. 
     but here, where winter lasts for half of the year, you can’t cozy up in the house on every cold day! we have to remember to get out and enjoy a walk while the sun is shining, take the kids tubing or skiing at a local ski hill, ice skating at the park, etc. there’s so much to do outside even when it’s freezing and this winter, we’re going to make a point of doing so. this should help keep our my spirits up as well! 

the upside to all of this is that i know i can change all of these. there will be some work involved and they won’t all come easy, i’m ready for it though. this year i’ll be happy, my family will be happy. last year was such an amazing year for us and i could only hope that this year will be more of the same. 

if you’re struggling right now and want to share, please feel free to do so in the comments! hopefully we can all help each other through these little bumps in life. what’s on your mind today?


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    I’m feeling you on the no-working out thing. I’ve done well for so long, but having hit a plateau, plus the holidays, plus being ridiculously sick (I think we’re on day 15 of coughing, but I sound 100x better than I did!) has made the gym a distant memory. Now that I’ve been feeling better, if not necessarily sounding better, I’ve made a plan to hit the gym every day this week (except Thursday when multiple appointments are conspiring against me). When you fall off, just get back on!


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    Lately, for me it has been eating healthier. Staying at home now, it’s just way too easy to snack all day. And I have some tests coming up to check my blood sugar levels because they have been wonky after pregnancy. So I get even more upset at myself for eating poorly!

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